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Welcome to the Perkins History Museum!

The Perkins History Museum opened in 2004 as part of Perkins? 175th anniversary celebration. Please explore the tactile museum located in the main hall of the Howe Building. The museum is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 PM.

The Perkins Museum has two accessible Computer Kiosks where you can dig deeper into the rich Perkins history. The museum will always have one exhibit that changes periodically. The Campus Place Names Exhibit traces the origin behind many of the buildings and special places on campus, both old and new.

Click to explore Perkins History, Famous People at Perkins, Programs at Perkins, and Beyond the Campus. If you have any questions, please contact us at 617-972-7767 or, or visit the Feedback page.

Gallery guides for the Perkins History Museum were prepared by Betsy L. McGinnity, Museum Curator, Jan Seymour-Ford, Research Librarian and Kathleen J. Andries, Volunteer.

Photograph. Photograph.  A formal portrait showing a child reading a raised print book with his fingers to three younger students standing at a table, ca. 1900.  Two boys and a girl standing next to science projects:  a plasticene chart of the solar system, a volcano, and dinosaurs and amphibians made of plasticene, ca. 1940.  Anne Sullivan fingerspelling into a young Helen Keller?s hand, ca. 1889.  Young men and boys with brass instruments, ca. 1860.
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